About Us

About Us

Opening Doors for Women In Need is a faith-based, non-profit organization created with the purpose to provide needed services for women who have experienced emotional trauma that has led to pain and suffering.

Often working with women who have been recently incarcerated, ODWIN’s founder and her team of volunteers help women overcome the many obstacles and barriers they face when released from prison.

Opening Doors for Women In Need provides programs for women that will empower them with faith, confidence, resources, teaching and training needed to gain a level of independence and self-sufficiency, creating financial accountability and stability to be able to provide for themselves and their children. Also providing specific programs for men, with the exception of housing, through Change A Life! The Nehemiah Project, a subdivison of ODWIN.

At Opening Doors For Women In Need, we facilitate the successful reintegration of women returning from incarceration by helping and supporting them as they navigate the reintegration process. Specifically, ODWIN provides the following:

Safe, clean and affordable housing that prevents ladies from returning to an environment that may contribute to further criminal behavior. Beyond adequate, our homes function to provide physical, spiritual and psychological support systems for the women.